CHIANG Kai-Chun & Patrick MULLER Dual Exhibition
Taipei Artist Village, 3.31.2018 - 4.22.2018
I rented an attic in the northern France.
The house was due to be sold in September.
One day, my landlady asked me to paint my favourite corner as a memento of the house.
She said that the painting will serve as a reminder of her time in the house.
This exhibition was inspired by the Lithuanian-American filmmaker Jonas Mekas’ To Pétrarque (A Pétrarque, 2009). Pétrarque was a humanistic in the fourteenth century. Mekas combined Pétrarque’s manuscripts, his own photographs and audio recordings to illustrate the humanistic poet’s world views.
Nevertheless, Mekas separated the sound and the visual album as two distinctive objects. The Artists wondered the possibility of an innovative way of reading, which would combine images and sounds. As a medium, a book cannot contain any sound or continuous images. This inspired them use of hypertext as an art medium. is exhibition is a journal of their life in France and in Taiwan. It was created with a combination of photography, sound, video, watercolor, and hand-written journal. The artist’s intention is to turn everyday but meaningful clips into an exhibition accessible to a wide audience.

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